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All of our clients are given a link to our client portal. 

This login will allow you to monitor 24/7 your credit file throughout the entire process, send and receive documents and monitor changes

We service deployed military members and their family' s who are deployed or overseas. 

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(SCDVOB) Service Connected Disabled Veteran Owned Business

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*** Free Consultation & Lifetime Guarantee***

Free Consultation For All Callers Lifetime Services Guarantee One Time Service Fee
Free Credit Report Free Credit Building Advice Free Credit Maintaining Advice
Payment Plans Available 0% Interest Financial Planner and Case Manager Assigned to Your Case Services Nationally Bonded - Client Login Portal 
Statute of Limitation for Your State - Tax Lien Services Charge Offs - ID Theft - Judgments - Bankruptcies Credit Repair Fee is an (Educational Fee) Tax Deductible
Accredited by the BBB Backed and Monitored by D&B Unlimited Disputing on Your Case
Deployed Soldier Services Security Clearance Service Police Affidavit Services - Help
Results in 30 to 45 Days Collection Agency Help Collection Agency Harassment

***It is illegal for any Credit Repair Company to say, “100% Guarantee”. If you see this on an advertisement RUN! These misleading, untrue and illegal statements are not what you want in a company.

***Check out our link to the Fair Credit Reporting Act to find out more about misleading statements along with your rights as a consumer.


Home Loan Lending

*** NHC is NOT a Mortgage Lender but we partner with a National Lender ***


VA Lending FHA Home Loan Lending USDA Home Loan Lending
Conventional Home Loan Lending Re-Finance Expert Lending 203K Lending
Modular Home Loan Lending Mobile Home Loan Lending New Construction Home Lending
How to get Approved
Jumbo Loan Lending
How to get the Lowest % Rates
How Underwriting Works
How Closing Works Open 7 Days a Week


Commercial Lending Advice

***Private Investors***


Account Usage
The best credit is not always about having many accounts. Much of it is having the right amounts. Again, we will take your circumstances into account when looking at your credit usage. However, you can monitor your own usage with little effort.
Credit Review
In our review, we look at what can help you. Unlike other companies that give you a blanket fix-all attitude. We know what really works and will best benefit your situation. That’s the importance of personal service we provide to you.
If you thought you were through it all just to later realize that the agencies haven't set the record right, then we can help by bringing your credit files in line with your present self.  Don't look back, just look forward to better credit life.
Let our former home loan lenders help you get the lending and buying advice you need, anytime and free.
Credit Restoration
If you need to eliminate debt, rebuild after bankruptcy, get rid of tax liens, collections and charge-offs, then we can help. Let us save you after foreclosure, repossession and incorrect late-pays with our credit repair services. Get your credit life back on track by Contacting us for information on how we can help.
Fraudulent Information
We can help with repairing any inconsistencies on credit reports including issues with creditors, incorrect names, social security, date of birth, inquiries and street addresses. Fraudulent information can be detrimental to your credit life making it difficult to obtain credit and even harder to get rid of the inconsistencies.


 Our Services Include The Following:

  • CreditRepair Services
  • Credit Restoration
  • Free Credit Report
  • Nationwide Credit Repair
  • 24 hour Credit Repair
  • Deployed Soldier Services
  • Credit Disputing
  • Credit Investigation
  • Free Credit Report
  • Free credit consultation
  • Home Loan Lending Advice
  • Financial services
  • Credit services
  • Credit disputing legal services
  • Financial adviser
  • Financial planning
  • Incorrect Late Payments
  • Quick Credit Disputing
  • Free Credit Consultation
  • Business Portfolio
  • Foreclosures
  • Credit Collections
  • Bad Credit Removal / Education
  • Possibly Improve Credit Score
  • Fix Your Credit Reporting Status
  • BBB Accredited Business
  • Financial Planning
  • Paymentplans

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